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Stockrüti Water Wheel Mill.

The last saw mill powered by a water wheel at the Zurich Oberland.


The saw mill is located at the highest point of the Industrial Heritage Trail at Stockrüti close to Wappenswil at 800 meters above sea level. Many water wheels can be found in other regions but most of them are without transmission and without working machinery.

Experience hydropower

At Stockrüti, the visitor may view the whole complicated power transmission procedure from the water wheel to the cog wheels and leather straps in motion. Upon registration, a tree trunk will be sawed up! The saw mill is a popular attraction for family celebrations, schools, anniversaries, class reunions, etc.

Guided tours

We will be happy to show our registered groups that our old saw mill still works excellently.
Opening hours: from mid-May to mid-October upon request.
Group size: guided tours in groups of up to twelve people (several groups possible).