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Atzmännig sledge run.

The 1.9km winter sledge run makes the heart of every sledging fan skip a beat.

Ascent by chair lift

Enjoy a leisurely ride on a chair lift to Atzmännig top station. Once arrived, you've got winter fun at your feet and a breathtaking view offered.

The top station offers a panoramic view over Lake Zurich, the white hills and mountains of the Goldingen Valley and Ricken Pass. In the distance you will recognize the Pilatus, Glärnisch and Mürtschenstock mountains and the Churfirsten mountain chain. The most attractive 1.9km winter sledge run starts through a magical winter forest landscape. After a short ride going through the woods, the horizon opens up. But be aware, a sharp left turn is ahead of you before a unique natural landscape appears right in front of you. After a bend to the right it goes downhill at even higher speed. At a high pace you go over a crest now, after which the sledge run is winding down to the valley next to the ski run. The sledge run blends aptly with the landscape and makes the heart of every sledging fan beat faster. The last gliding bit leads you at appropriate speed directly to the front of the base station from where you can take the chair lift up once again and start a new race. Sledges and toboggans may be rented on the spot.