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Bleiche Hotel

Bleiche Wald.

What has originated from a pure enthusiasm for old factory rooms, has become a modern designed resort for conferences and wellness getaways.

48 beds
4 seminar rooms for 2 to 60 people Bleiche Wald
Bleiche Wald
Jonatrasse 11
8636 Wald ZH
Tel. +41 55 256 70 20


The Gibswilerstube is located at the southern end of the Töss Valley, in the middle of Gibswil village, amidst a breath-taking landscape - a paradise for hikers and bikers. Gibswilerstube
Speiserestaurant Gibswilerstube
8498 Gibswil
Tel. +41 55 245 22 42
Fischingen Monastery

Fischingen Monastery.

Fischingen Monastery is the only monastic community in the canton of Thurgau still inhabited by monks. Fischingen Monastery
Seminarhotel Kloster Fischingen
8376 Fischingen
Tel. +41 71 978 72 11
Wirtschaft zum Schöntal

Schöntal Restaurant.

We serve fresh and seasonal products from the region. Schöntal Restaurant
Wirtschaft zum Schöntal
Herz Gastronomie GmbH
Gublenstrasse 2
8494 Bauma
Tel. +41 52 386 11 17
Löwen Guesthouse

Löwen Guesthouse.

The Löwen guesthouse is located at the Bubikon village centre - a modern interpretation of a country inn with creative cuisine, banquet facilities and 11 boutique hotel rooms! Löwen Guesthouse
Gasthof Löwen
Wolfhauserstrasse 2
8608 Bubikon
Tel. +41 41 055 24 31
Rampe Restaurant

Rampe Restaurant.

In the rooms of the former Sennweid factory, surrounded by industrial charm, we serve healthy meals, always prepared with great care and market-fresh products. Rampe Restaurant
Restaurant Rampe
Fabrik Sennweid
8608 Bubikon
Tel. +41 55 243 19 38

Werkstatt 6 - Tap for Drinks and Food.

Long gone are the days of oil-smeared floors and dusty tables. Since summer 2013, Werkstatt 6 caters to all culinary needs of car and motorcycle fans. Werkstatt 6 - Tap for Drinks and Food
Werkstatt Gastro GmbH
Mönchaltorferstrasse 6
8625 Gossau ZH
Tel. +41 43 928 06 01
Hirschen Guesthouse, Hinwil

Hirschen Guesthouse, Hinwil.

Welcome to the Hirschen guesthouse with its 13 rooms and 24 beds. We offer six single rooms, two double rooms, three three-bedrooms and one family room (with five beds). Hirschen Guesthouse, Hinwil

Gasthof Hirschen Hinwil

Zürichstrasse 2

8340 Hinwil

Tel. +41 44 938 90 50