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esspunkt Laupen.

esspunkt Laupen is a cooking studio. Culinary class room. Event stage. Seminar platform.
Here you learn from chefs.
Cook and enjoy together. With friends and in a team.

At esspunkt Laupen it is you who does the cooking. Creativity makes surprising meals. Inspired by professionals and their bag of tricks.

  • Barbecue, fish, deer, pasta and pesto, wine
  • Courses, cook with friends, birthday cooking, after work cooking
  • Cooking as a highlight during a seminar, team building with us and CforC GmbH
  • Cook in a team, company event, Christmas dinner
  • Your cooking ideas implemented by us

Cooking is...

...more than mere food preparation. Cooking is bringing joy. Cooking is social, is celebrating. Cooking builds teams. Cooking collects opinions, gains recognition. Cooking is creative. Cooking is smell, is taste. Cooking is learn, improvise, try and enjoy.